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Our Mission:
        Our goal is to create a simple and free webhost for small projects.

The Team:

        admin - Main site coder, hosting provider, etc.
        xero - Beta testing and general support
        Emoticons created by minalien for public use.

        This host was first concieved in late 2004, under the name GameSitez. It was worked on heavily during that year, and then dropped when school started. It was sporadically worked on throughout 2005. In 2006 a complete revamp of the site began, but it was somewhat shortlived. In 2007, the site was picked up again, and many new features were added. The forum software was picked up and completed, and administration features were completely rehauled.
        After this, version two of the project was started, and eventually picked up the name Project Pages. This new update included much improved site options, customizable banner, link and background images, and many additional features. At this time the host was migrated from my computer to a true webhost and was released to the public. This was online for a while and gained some popularity, but lacked a few key features, which kept some users away.
        Soon afterwards, another version of the site software was started. This version included many new templates that look much better than the default that was included with Project Pages. A great number of features were added to the site, and many scripts such as those behind the forums were completely revamped again. This is where Project Pages stands now, and only you, the user, can dictate where it goes from here.

Hosted For Free by Project Pages.