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Winding Down: Well, this service is winding down. It hasn't had a purpose for months, and while I had great plans for it, and a lot of things already written, I don't have the time or userbase to keep this project going. If you're still using the site, you should probably move off of it. The site officially closed December 1st, 2012. Content will be hosted indefinitely, but beyond this point, no guarantees are made in this regard. If you want your stuff backed up, I can help you with that in a few ways. I can move your data to a cms I have, or just provide you with a backup. Just let me know ([email protected]).

To those who have used this service over the years, it's been great. I'm sure a few of you liked the bizarre quirkiness that this site offered you over time. The free web hosting world out there is much better than it was when I created this service, and I strongly suggest you go out and see what's out there now. Even services like FreeWebs (now just Webs) have impressed me with their growth. Thanks for using this service, and let me know if I can do anything for you in the future.

It's been a fun few years, and thank you once more.


        Welcome to Project Pages! We pride ourselves in being an easy to use webhost. With most webhosts, you need to learn languages such as html, and php, and javascript just to get your project out there. With our host however, all of the dirty work is done for you. With the simplicity of a forum post, you can create a webpage. From our easy control panel, you can edit every aspect of your site. Our host also offers users their own forums and guestbook. All of this comes to you for free.

Our homepage is an example of what your website could look like after setting up your site. The only thing not demonstrated here is the guestbook. Please feel free to have a look around our forums and see what our users are saying about us.

Some other samples of sites hosted on Project Pages:
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